CBD Rich Hemp Flower Pre-Roll 3 pack

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CBD Flower Strain Information:


Sunset Road Sherbert #2
Type:  Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage:  Sunset Road Sherbert
Aroma:  Dank, Musky, Earthy
Feeling:  Energized, revitalized

Type:  Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage:  Tangerine Dream x CD1
Aroma:  Citrus, Tangy, Sour
Feeling:  Uplifted, Energy

Trophy Wife Strain Information:
Type:  Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage:  Da Wife x Trophy 1
Aroma:  Sweet, Diesel
Feeling:  Uplifted, Energy

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Sunset Road Sherbert (19.5 % CBD), Trophy Wife (18.8 CBD), Tangie (18.9)


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