Imbue 40mg CBD Glycerin Based Tincture

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Low dose CBD Oil For Pets or Small People. Take advantage of our sale and save!!

Imbue 40mg Is A Powerful CBD Oil For Pets.  

This easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30ml CBD Oil is thoughtfully packaged within a cloth pouch and recyclable outer box. Designed for optimum low dose, this product is ideal for most applications.

Designed for those instances where a higher level of CBD is desired, im·bue vitality delivers 100 mg full spectrum CBD. Our easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30 ml liquid is thoughtfully packaged within a drawstring cloth pouch and recyclable outer box.


Organically grown CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp (500mg/oz or approximately 16.67mg CBD per 1 ml) and organic vegetable glycerin. Nothing else. No fillers, no stabilizers, no added flavors.

The Glycerin Advantage

Imbue uses organic vegetable glycerin in their people and pet tinctures. It’s unusual in the industry as most other companies combine their hemp oil with other “unflavorful” oils such as coconut or olive oil, add flavoring to cover the unpleasant taste and perhaps add stabilizers to keep the oil from separating.

Exclusively from palm fruit. It’s metabolized in the body like a carbohydrate. This makes it easy to digest, and its sweet flavor make it a tasty choice for both people and pets .

Check the label. All Imbue tinctures contain only 2 ingredients: their Colorado grown organic hemp oil and kosher, organic vegetable glycerin. That’s it.

What makes CBD Oil in glycerin better?

Rather than using an oil base which is broken down and absorbed by the body more slowly, our product is carbohydrate-based which aids in a much more rapid breakdown and absorption. The result… it goes “to work” faster!




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