Advanced Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit

Discover your own unique and personal response to cannabis and potential side effects.
An in-depth scientific report shows how your unique genetic makeup may best respond to cannabis strains and formulations. Results include product recommendations, suggested dosage guides, methods of administration, etc.  For patients and physicians.

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  • Includes Pre-paid shipping label for shipment to our laboratory

Our reports analyze SNPs, (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, pronounced “SNIPS”), in DNA to detect biological similarities or differences among people. We use these SNPs to identify and correlate the most up-to-date research for your specific genotypes.

In order to obtain your genotypes for each of these SNPs, we need to obtain a sample of your DNA and have it analyzed at our CLIA certified laboratory. We will send you an FDA approved collection device that is used to take a swab from inside your cheek.  Then simply place the tube back inside the box with our prepaid shipping label.  Your sample is sent anonymously, tracked via our bar-coding system to protect your privacy.

Already Taken an Ancestry DNA Test?

  • 23andMe
  • Ancestry DNA
  • Family Tree DNA

If you have previously ordered a DNA test from one of the ancestry information sites such as 23andMe®, Ancestry DNA™ or Family Tree DNA®, then we can use the data based on the DNA you have already supplied. This is known as “raw data” that you can download from the website that supplied your DNA report. Your raw data includes SNPs along with your genotypes for those SNPs.

  • FDA Approved DNA Collection Device
  • 4 Week Turn Around Time
  • U.S. based CLIA Certified Laboratory
  • Endocannabinoid Related Traits Reported
  • Wellness Plans
  • Cannabinoid Ratio Suggestions
  • Terpene Profile Suggestions
  • Drug Interactions
  • Online Portal Access
  • Automatic Updates as more research becomes available
  • Exclusive Physician Access
  • Highest quality genetic analysis using new Illumina array technology.
  • Specifically, targeted Endocannabinoid SNPs sequenced using our custom designed chip
  • 491,000 Additional SNPs sequenced for future reports
  • Exclusive Brand Discounts

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