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CBD. What is it?
How Does it Work?

One of the biggest challenges most people face when trying to get started with CBD is a myriad of conflicting information compounded by a slew of different products on the market. What do I get? How do I use it? These are the questions we hear every day in our clinic.

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Full Spectrum vs Isolates

Full Spectrum | Isolates | Broad Spectrum

From our extensive experience here at CBD Sedona we have seen that most people are a little tunnel visioned towards CBD. However CBD is only one of over a hundred other cannabinoids and terpenes within the hemp plant. The different types of CBD products namely full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolates are important terms to understand when shopping for CBD as each of these specific types of CBD will have varied effectiveness for various individual conditions.

CBD which stands for Cannabidiol is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The other cannabinoids or what we call peripheral cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC also have noteworthy medicinal properties and are valuable additions for their health benefits.

The idea behind full spectrum is that by combining the various cannabinoids you can strengthen the effectiveness of the body. It has been our experience. Let’s take a little deeper look into the terms “full-spectrum”, “broad spectrum” and “isolate” to find out precisely what they mean with regard to your individual needs.

CBD Isolate is Best for…

  • People with sensitivity to THC and other cannabinoids.
  • People living in states with strict THC laws, or those who regularly undergo drug testing in their place of employment.
  • People who wish to cook with CBD and want something with a light flavor.

Full-Spectrum CBD is Best for…

  • People who want to get the most benefit from their CBD product.
  • People who live in states where cannabis is fully legal and who have no fear of legal repercussions.
  • People who want the benefit of the micro dose of THC.

Broad Spectrum is Best for…

  • People who want no THC but still want some of the benefits of Full Spectrum.
  • People living in states with strict THC laws, or those who regularly undergo drug testing in their place of employment.
  • People with extreme sensitivity to THC.
What is a CBD Isolate?

The simplest form of CBD is an isolate. This means that the single cannabinoid molecule of CBD (only one of over a hundred) is isolated from all the other cannabinoids to create a product that is 99% pure CBD. This means no other peripheral cannabinoids, terpenes or any other constituents other than CBD are present in the product. CBD isolates come in many forms such as oils, edibles, capsules, and vape among other things

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?
In contrast to isolates, full-spectrum CBD products contain a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. When the cannabinoids are extracted from hemp, the entire extract is made into a consumable product, meaning that you are getting a healthy dose of all the cannabinoids that were in the plant.

The primary concern with full spectrum products is THC. If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, or if you simply don’t want to consume THC yourself, then you might be concerned about THC content. However, due to federal laws all CBD products must be extracted from hemp and not marijuana. By definition, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning that the extract will also only contain negligible amounts of THC. These trace amounts have no psychotropic effects on the nervous system. In other words, they will not get you high.

It used to be believed that isolated CBD was more effective than full-spectrum, but now the opposite is the case; most in the scientific community now agree that full-spectrum CBD is the way to go because of something called the “entourage effect.”

This phenomenon refers to the way in which cannabinoids and terpenes work together to become synergistically more effective. A study in 2005, conducted in Jerusalem, found that test subjects given full-spectrum CBD experienced heightened relief compared to those who received a CBD isolate. This is also taking into account the presence of all the terpenes in the plant. Each of which has its own set of benefits.

Generally, users prefer to use a full-spectrum CBD in order to improve their general well-being.

What About Broad-Spectrum CBD?
Besides full spectrum and isolates you may have heard the term “broad-spectrum.” This refers to a CBD product that contains a range of other cannabinoids, but no THC. It allows for most of the benefits of the entourage effect, but with no risk of consuming THC.

This is ideal if you are completely against THC, but you want the benefits of all the other peripheral cannabinoids. The only downside is often a few of the other cannabinoids or terpenes are lost in the processing. So although it won’t be quite as effective as Full Spectrum it will definitely give you more of the entourage effect than a straight CBD extract.

Should I Use Full-Spectrum or a CBD Isolate?
Now that you know what each term means, you might be wondering how you make a decision between the two. There is no way to know for certain what the best type of CBD for you is; it is just a matter of weighing up the pros and cons.

CBD isolate has the advantage of being the purest and most potent form of CBD. It often contains upwards of 90% cannabidiol. There is no risk of psychoactive effects, and almost no risk of flagging a false positive on a drug test. Furthermore, CBD isolate is both tasteless and odorless. This is perfect for those wanting to cook with CBD, as it can be added to recipes without altering the flavor at all. The real drawback to CBD isolates is that they don’t create the entourage effect.

On the other hand full-spectrum CBD, has the hands down advantage of the entourage effect. If you are looking for the most effective, efficient CBD, then full spectrum is the way to go. Furthermore, it is closer to the original plant, and is therefore the most authentically natural. It undergoes much less processing and exposure to contaminants as compared to isolates.

The cons of full-spectrum CBD are that you may test positive on a drug test due to the micro dose of THC. The negligible amounts may be dismissed on a follow-up test, but a positive could cause you unnecessary stress.

Secondly, the terpenes and flavonoids from full spectrum can have a strong “grassy” taste that some people find unpleasant. However the benefits of full spectrum far out way the possible unpleasant flavor and some full spectrum oils are quite delicious. can create a strong taste and aroma that some people find to be unpleasant. While there are ways to deal with it, it can be easier to just use an isolate product.

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