Protect Yourself Now!

Prevention Is The Best Cure

Boost Your Immune System NOW!

• Find out the Best Way to Build Immunity

• Take control of your future and don’t get sick

• Protect Your Loved Ones

• Utilize Your Best Chance To Avoid Getting Sick

What Is the best way to build my Immune system?

Don’t Wait Until You’re Exposed  

       √ Start Your Immune Protocols NOW

  • √ Use a More Effective and Complete Protocol 
  • √ The Best way to Build your Immune  System
  • √ Start Early and Avoid Getting Sick

How Do I Know Which Protocol Is Right For Me?

• Address multiple organ systems to amplify your immune strength

• Get a Specific Protocols for Your Unique Health Condition

• Build your immune as strong as possible before you’re exposed

• Understand what is the correct protocol for you.

Which Protocol Should You Choose

A Message from our Co-Founder, Edward Gordon

Should I Include CBD In my Protocols?

• Is CBD Safe to Add To Your Protocol?

• Is CBD Effective To Boost The Immune System

• What If I Take Medications?

• What Is The Best Way To Take CBD?

Protocol One

• For Younger Healthier People, ages 25-45

• No Overt Health Issues

• Contains Full Immune and Elimination Protocols

• Choose With Or Without CBD

Protocol Two

• For Middle-Aged People, ages 45 -65

• Moderate to Low Health Issues

• The Full Protocol + Tonics and Body Rebuilders

• Choose With Or Without CBD

Protocol Three

• For People 65 and Older

• More Serious Health Issues

• Full Protocol, Plus Additional, Stronger Body Tonics

• Choose With Or Without CBD

What If None Of These Are Right For You?

Let Us Guide You…

Let our experienced team guide you through the basics and share how CBD might enhance your wellbeing and vitality.

Acupuncturist, Edward F. Gordon, L.Ac., and Sound Therapist, Aalia Kazan, founded CBD Sedona clinic when they realized how much confusion their patients had about the proper use of CBD for maximum benefit. Their commitment to providing people with the best service, and most up-to-date research and resources, has quickly singled them out as one of the top resources for CBD acquisition and awareness.

How Can We Help You

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Our CBD Sedona Quality Pledge…

CBD Sedona Clinic is a Licensed Acupuncture and Energy Therapy Medical Clinic that helps you discover the best way to use CBD products to improve your health. Our clinic offers therapeutic quality CBD oils, CBD salves, CBD Lotions, CBD Skin Care and more.

Edward F Gordon, L.Ac. & Aalia Kazan, O.M.
Co-Directors of CBD Sedona



CBD Sedona clinic offers the highest quality 100% Organic hemp oil, in a 100% orgainc MCT Coconut Oil.


Nothing Artificial

CBD Sedona uses only 100% organic MCT coconut oil and Hemp oil in our oil drop formula. No Flavors, additives or fillers. Our super potent hemp flower strain is all that is needed to relieve many symptoms and conditions.

Full Spectrum

CBD Sedona products are made with Full-Spectrum, High-Potency organically grown Hemp Oil with all the peripheral Cannabinoids and Terpenes in place for the best results.

Independant Testing

CBD Sedona is serious about quality, and we post our Certificate of Analysis right on our store page, so you can get the information you need, right away!

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